10 Things to do when you’re Bored

1. Send your friends surprise postcards.

Maybe your friends are close or maybe they’re far, either way they will be surprised. Everyone loves mail that isn’t a bill.
Credit: Vic. 夏

2. Do a puzzle.

While the picture you are assembling is the end, the journey is the real destination. Assemble it alone or with friends, you just may enjoy yourself.
Credit: J’ram DJ

3. Make an herb garden.

Haven’t you always wanted to have some fresh herbs. Even if you don’t use the herbs in your cooking, the aroma of many fresh herbs can be intoxicating.

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Credit: Devlon Duthie

4. Re-arrange your books.

Ever thought that it was hard to find a book you were looking for. Well worry no longer, organize your books and find what you’ve lost.
Credit: Nina Hale

5. Ikea-hack your furniture.

Ikea hacks are modifying or repurposing your Ikea furniture. Paint it, or add another leg, or add a new shelf, there are so many ideas.
Credit: Daniel Saakes

6. Fold some origami.

Origami is fun and once you’ve gotten good at it you are sure to impress. You really only need to be good at one, so try an easy one and go from there.
Credit: Origami48616

7. Go on a walk.

There are lots of places to see that can only be seen on foot.
Credit: sherifx

8. Do your laundry.

Why has all this laundry piled up. Well if you’re not doing anything, might as well take care of that.
Credit: Laurie Hulsey

9. Update your resume.

You never know when you’re going to need an up to date resume. That dream job will come up when you least expect it.
Credit: ben.timney

10. Do a paint-by-numbers masterpiece.

Paint-by-numbers is an easy way to be a professional. After you’re done hang it up with pride.


Featured Image Credit: sherifx

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