12 Table Manners to Teach Your Kids

Table manners for day to day living.

1. Have them ask if there is anything they can do to help. They can ask grown-ups if there are any specific tasks they can do to help get ready for the meal.

2. Ask them to help set the table*. A trick for them to remember where silverware goes is by the number of letters in the words “left” and “right”. The fork goes on the left and has four letters. The knife goes on the right and has five letters. * Have them wash their hands before setting the table.
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3. Teach your child to always wash their hands before dinner. It’s an important hygiene habit they should develop early on.
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4. Teach your child to place their napkin on their lap when they sit down at the table.

5. Have them wait until everyone is seated and served before eating.

6. Ensure to teach your child to always ask for something to be passed to them and not reach for it.

7. Ask your child to chew with their mouth closed and not speak until having swallowed their mouthful.

8. Have them take small bites. Children always want to take big bites, especially when eating something they love.
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9. Ask your child to wait their turn to speak. They will appreciate having the full attention when talking about their day or any other subject. Engage kids in speaking about their friends, school, and other interesting subjects.

10. Have them stay at the table until everyone is done eating and then they may ask to be excused.

11. Once dinner has finished, have them leave their napkin on the table and have them to push their chair in.

12. Ask your child to help clear the table before they disappear.

Table manners will be appreciated by people who come into contact with your child. Teach them that using manners shows respect for others, they will be invited again and people will want them around.


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