8 ways to get ahead at work

1. Silently influence people You have good ideas that would benefit the company but sometimes those ideas are hard to get moving. Instead of approaching people directly with your idea, ask co-workers about potential opportunities in the area of your idea. Then when you have established a conversation about options, make your suggestions known. These people will become part of the solution, which makes them … Continue reading 8 ways to get ahead at work

Picking a website host

In simple terms a host is a company that will connect your domain name to a blank website on a computer that they maintain and keep running 24/7. There are a lot of hosts and they all do similar things, so how do you pick. Discuss the elements below with the sales people, you’ll find the discussion enlightening. Cost The Hosting market is highly competitive … Continue reading Picking a website host

10 Amazing things to see in Alberta

1. Lake Louise Lake Louise is an incredibly glassy lake that reflects the faces of the stunning snow and glacier covered mountains behind it. Beyond its spectacular views it is the home to world class downhill skiing and a town site filled with outdoor enthusiasts. While visiting the lake you can sit in the lounge at the Fairmont hotel and just enjoy the view, or … Continue reading 10 Amazing things to see in Alberta