8 ways to get ahead at work

1. Silently influence people

You have good ideas that would benefit the company but sometimes those ideas are hard to get moving. Instead of approaching people directly with your idea, ask co-workers about potential opportunities in the area of your idea. Then when you have established a conversation about options, make your suggestions known. These people will become part of the solution, which makes them advocates for your ideas and you.

2. Do more than your job description

When you do more than is required it makes you known as someone who will cooperate and make the company successful. This doesn’t mean that you should do someone else’s job, but going the extra mile. Show an entrepreneurial spirit.

3. Help your co-workers succeed

Credit: clappstar
Credit: clappstar

While you must stay on top of the tasks in your job, there is often downtime that could be spent helping others. If you find yourself with some free time, ask coworkers if they need any help. Some may say no, and some may say yes, one way or the other you’re now a team player.

4. Keep politics to a minimum

At many work places there are politics. Often politics involves negative comments about other employees. This can very easily backfire. The person you’re speaking with may be influenced to your view point, but also might not be. It’s best to keep your opinions of others to yourself and let their actions speak for themselves.

5. Participate in work activities outside the office

Work activities are great opportunities to meet people and learn about the people you work with. Often getting ahead is about who you know, and being liked. Participating in activities out of the workplace can help form relationships that help you be considered for opportunities.

6. Be a Subject Matter Expert

Becoming a Subject Matter Expert can make you indispensable. In your field of work there are likely industry best practices, get to know them. You can learn about them from professional groups and their websites. Also learn about how your company performs the similar practices. With the industry knowledge and your company practices understood, you can offer suggestions to improve the business.

7. Communicate in person as often as possible

When you are trying to communicate something a large portion of the message is in your body language or nonverbal messages. Email, texts, and other forms don’t easily convey the non-verbal messages and can be misunderstood. Communicating in person is a great way to get your message right. If the group is large then you have even more people that will be directly engaged with you.

8. Be yourself

Credit: Susanne Nilsson https://flic.kr/p/mboEe6
Credit: Susanne Nilsson

Always be yourself. Trying to change your behaviour can make you appear stiff and fake. Your coworkers will appreciate your character.




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