Save the Bees

Perhaps you’re not aware yet, bee populations are drastically declining. This is a huge problem because bees do lots of the pollination around the world. While pollinating is simply transferring pollen from one flower to another flower, it does much more. This is the act that fertilizes the plant allowing it to grow food. The immediate thought that the food on our tables isn’t always … Continue reading Save the Bees

Coffee Brewing Methods and the Golden Rule

There are many ways to brew coffee. Some say the best way is to use a coffee press, while others prefer the simple coffee maker approach, amongst others. You’ll need to choose a method that is best for you. The “Golden Rule” (as it’s known by the National Coffee Association) works universally for all methods, basically use 1 to 2 Tablespoons of Coffee Grounds to … Continue reading Coffee Brewing Methods and the Golden Rule

Best Plants to Clean the Air in your Home

In 1989 NASA published a research study on the use of indoor plants for the purifying air. This study was intended to address an obvious issue of having astronauts in enclosed buildings and vehicles for long periods of time, but there are parallels for people everywhere on earth. There are many sealed buildings with circulated air systems where the occupants have health issues. They focused … Continue reading Best Plants to Clean the Air in your Home