The beginning of the end for telemarketers and telephone scammers

The Jolly Roger Telephone Company is a communications company, but it doesn’t provide the services you would expect. Jolly Roger Telco provides robotic voices that do the talking with telemarketers for you.

Roger Anderson is a consultant and the owner of the Jolly Roger Telephone Company. Before Jolly Roger, he was a consultant working on telephone systems, and truly loved his work. He would build systems for companies to help direct callers through the customer service maze amongst other things. One day at home a telemarketer called and he handed the phone to his son to deal with them. The phone call ended badly with the telemarketer using profanity and other very inappropriate things. This was the impetus Roger needed to build a legion of robotic telephone response troops and form the Jolly Roger Telephone Company.

The robots would say things like “sure”, “yep”, or “keep talking, I’ve got a bee on me”. There is enough of a pause for the telemarketer to have a response, then the robot says something else that is totally senseless. This in itself is funny, because who hasn’t dreamt of irritating the very people that call at dinner time. There are lots of YouTube videos with some sample calls if you just want a laugh. If you’d like to use their service, go to the Jolly Roger Telco website and sign up.

Roger did an absolutely hilarious TEDx talk on it.

One-day Roger had a popup appear on his screen. It said that his computer was infected and there was a number to call to correct it. This was the second stoke of inspiration. If he could handle incoming calls, why couldn’t he make outgoing calls. So he tried the number personally to see if it was the scammers number, and it was.

Then he had his robotic system call the number. It kept the scammer busy for 5 minutes. Since this worked, he thought that many phone calls could be made at the same time. He has access to orders of magnitude more lines and channels as a telecom consultant. Using his wealth of resources, he unleashed the legion on the call center scammers. The volume of calls was so great that the line ended up being disconnected. From the time the calls started to the time the scammers were off line was about 15 to 20 minutes. Any future callers would not get through.

Roger wrote a viral blog post on the topic. He is setting his sights on other scammers.

Welcome to the beginning of the end for telemarketers and telephone scammers.

Featured Image Credit: Da Sal

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