Tools to help pick a Web Site or Domain name

First things first, your Website Name is your Domain name. It is the “.com” or “.us” or any other suffix you choose that will be associated with your Web Site name. Your Domain name is the name your site will be known by.

Credit: Cliff James
Credit: Cliff James

When you’re picking your name, it should be something that can easily be remembered and you feel comfortable telling people about. Don’t pick something you’re embarrassed to say.

Let’s get to the point! All these services basically do the same thing with some exceptions. They take the words that you think might make a good website name and check to see if it’s available and offer possible alternatives. They require your input. You need some idea about the words that might make up your Domain name. Enter your thoughts and suggestions, see what comes back, and don’t be afraid to try different things.

Some are better than others. The following list is in alphabetic order with no preference.


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